Awards - 2021 Polar Plunge Season

Here you'll find weekly award winners and the winners of the Golden Plunger Awards!

What is the Golden Plunger?

Besides a literal spray-painted golden plunger, each year we normally would hand out this award in person at our 10+ physical plunge events. BUT, this year we still wanted to honor those who deserve this award. The esteemed Golden Plunger Award is given out to a person or group who embodies the spirit of Special Olympics Massachusetts through their enthusiasm, hard work, and love for Special Olympics Massachusetts.

Week 6: 

Golden Plunger Award: All Town Tigers

Best Costume: The Soobert Dooberts, Plymouth North High School

Most Creative Plunge: Oakmont Student Council

Top Fundraiser: Jay Nothnagle

Top Fundraising Team: South Shore Mariners 

Week 5:  

Golden Plunger Award: Auburn Public Schools

Best Costume: Grafton High School

Most Creative Plunge: Amy Pritchard

Top Fundraiser: Steve Hertog

Top Fundraising Team: Moynagh's Tavern

Week 4: 

Golden Plunger Award: Matt DeSimone 

Best Costume: Dracut High School

Most Creative Plunge: Holderness School Project Outreach

Top Fundraiser: Matthew Felzani

Top Fundraising Team: Auburn Public Schools

Week 3: 

Golden Plunger Award: MASC!  

Best Costume: Adrienne Murphy

Most Creative Plunge: Katherine Goggin

Top Fundraiser: Ryan Dixon

Top Fundraising Team: Auburn Rocketeers


Week 2: 

Golden Plunger Award: Ann Marie Dawes  

Special Olympics Coach for Seven Hills and Milford Special Olympics Programs

Best Costume: South High & Friends - "Snow Angels"

Most Creative Plunge: Medway Police Department

Top Fundraiser: Colin Davidson

Top Fundraising Team: Plunging Pirates


Week 1:

Golden Plunger Award: Kelli Hyland, team Bridgewell 

Best Costume: Team Super Sonic/ Young Athletes 

Top Fundraiser: Gene Callahan - $7,000

Top Fundraising Team: Get In - Over $18,000

Most Creative Plunge - Michael Emmons, swimming in the snow! 


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