Special Olympics athletes break down barriers and prove what they're capable of every day. Now it's your turn.

Do your #50Challenge 

Set a goal that inspires you, inspires your team, inspires your community. Challenge yourself to do 50 of something -- you choose! -- and do what it takes to achieve your goal between June 12th - 19th.

If that timeframe doesn't work for you, no worries -- Do Your #50Challenge whenever you want! And if you want more ways to participate in the Summer Games Experience, check out our Summer Games Week Opportunities!


Choosing your Do Your #50Challenge

Maybe your goal is related to a sport or physical activity (i.e. do 50 push-ups in a row without crying), or maybe you're looking for a way to connect with your community after a year of remote working and living (Steps Challenge, anyone??). Special Olympics athletes know a thing or two about using sports and a shared goal as a way to experience inclusion with your team.

Whatever your Do Your #50Challenge idea is, we're here to support you along the way. 


  • Run or Walk 50 miles on your own or with a team
  • Grab some friends and write 50 thank you notes to 50 Special Olympics Massachusetts athletes
  • Shoot 50 baskets or score 50 points
  • Swim 50 meters
  • Are you a motorcycle fan? Ride 50 miles!
  • Create your own "Do Your 50" Challenge!

Uploading your completed Do Your #50Challenge

Uploading photos and videos is not required, but if you're looking for a place to share, this is it! 

You can also post on social media and tag Special Olympics Massachusetts with the hashtag #50Challenge.

Upload here