Plunge from Anywhere Ideas 

Let's get creative this year. Don't have a body of water near you? You don't need it! We're reimagining how we take the plunge and can't wait for you to share with us how you plunged this season! 

More ideas on how to take the Plunge below the video!


More ideas on how to take the Plunge

  • Eat a pint of ice cream as fast as you can
  • Got snow? Roll in the snow in your bathing suit, make snow angels, have a snowball fight!
  • Take an ice bath or cold shower
  • Fill up a kiddie pool with ice cubes and dip a toe, both feet, your whole body, or whatever you're comfortable with into the water!
  • Have you heard of the Cookie Challenge Minute to Win It game? Try it with an ice cube!
  • Want to plunge into your hot tub? We don't judge. In fact, we're jealous!
  • Dump a bucket of ice cold water over your head
  • Get sprayed by a fire hose! 
  • If you want to plunge into a live body of water (lake, ocean, river, pond, etc.) please read our safety guidelines


Don't forget - costumes are always encouraged! Create one with your team or dress in your very best on your own. Let us know how you decide to plunge!

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