Plungers and Towel Holders 

2021 Polar Plunge Long Sleeved Shirt

Raise $100 individually, and you'll receive our annual Polar Plunge Long Sleeved t-shirt! 

Since we are unable to hand out t-shirts at an in-person event as we normally would, the t-shirts will be mailed out on a rolling basis as participants individually reach the $100 (starting February 1st, 2021).

We will be mailing t-shirts based on the size you selected during registration. If you have questions or would like to change your t-shirt size, please email us to let us know. If you selected "opt-out of t-shirt", you will not receive one but are welcome to change your mind at any time. 

The deadline to reach the $100 minimum is April 15th. 

Fundraising Incentives 2021

$300 - insulated mug; $425 - roll up picnic blanket; $500 - bathrobe; $725 - soft shell jacket; $999 - Ogio cooler; $5,000 - Eddie Bauer vest

When you reach any of these fundraising levels by April 15th, you will be eligible to receive the accompanying incentive item, which will be mailed to you after May 1st. An online portal will be sent out after April 15th and if you qualify for an item, you'll receive your own code to use to select the item and size you would like. Only one incentive per person. Incentives are based on the individual's total amount raised.

How do I make sure I am going to get a t-shirt and/or crewneck?

You do not need to do anything on your end! As long as you raise the $100 minimum per individual to receive a t-shirt or crewneck, then we will handle the mailing. Please see above for specific details and timeframes. 

Questions? Contact us