Incentives for Super Plungers 

Raise your first $100 by January 31st - we'll mail your Super Plunger crewneck sweatshirt to you by February 20th (see right image)

OR Raise your first $200 by January 31st -- we'll mail your Super Plunge crewneck, some hot cocoa, and a few other goodies in a Super Plunge Welcome Kit to you by February 20th.


Wait, there's more! Sweatpants

In addition to your Super Plunge crewneck sweatshirt and/or Super Plunge Welcome Kit, when you reach the 50% Fundraising Milestone ($1,500), we'll automatically send you a pair of Polar Plunge sweatpants.

After that, your fundraising incentives levels will include:

  • $3,000: Columbia Full-Zip Jacket 

  • $5,000: Ogio Marshall Pack backpack

If you reach either of these fundraising levels by April 15th, you will be eligible to receive the accompanying incentive item, which will be mailed to you after May 1st.

Columbia Black Jacket with SOMA and Plunge logo Ogio black and red backpack with SOMA and Plunge logo

P.s. Click on each Super Plunger incentive image to see a larger view.

USA Games 2022 logo

When you raise $3,000 for your Super Plunge, your name will be entered into a raffle to win tickets for you and a guest to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games! This is the first time plungers will have this exciting opportunity. You will be able to witness this national Special Olympics competition which will have over 4,000 athletes competing in 16 sports from across the nation. We'll have more details for you soon, but in the meantime, check out the USA Games website to learn more

USA Games 2022