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*Update as of 4/16 at 4:00 PM*

Emails have started to be sent out to redeem your incentive. If you have not received your email yet, we will be in touch first thing Tuesday morning. Please reach out with any questions!*


We know how much time and effort you put in to being a Plunge Team Captain -- recruiting your teammates, making sure everyone is fundraising, choosing the team's costume theme, and getting everyone excited to plunge. This year, we wanted to show our appreciation for you and help you lead your plunge team to success no matter where or how you plunge, so we want to send you a gift!

Did you know?

The average Plunge Team raises $1,800 and consists of 6 team members. But we know you're a better than average Team Captain, so we'll send you a gift if...

  • World's Best Team Captain T-Shirt - Your Team collectively raises $2,000 or more by April 15th

  • World's Best Team Captain Mug - Your Team has 8 or more people (who each raise at least $100 by April 15th)

Don't worry, you'll still get access to incentives as a Plunger, Towel Holder, or Super Plunger -- depending on which you selected when you signed up. Being a Team Captain just means you get a second opportunity to earn cool prizes!

Team Raises $2,000 or more by April 15th

Team has 8 or more people, and each raises $100 or more by April 15th

How do I start my own team or join a team?

To be a Team Captain, register for the plunge here. In the registration process, you'll see the option to Create A Team or Join a Team. If the team has already been created but you'd like to be the Team Captain, just let us know and we can fix that for you! Your team can consist of Plungers, Towel Holders, and Super Plungers -- the more, the merrier!

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