Plunging Back to Better

When Special Olympics Massachusetts celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, we honored Eunice Kennedy Shriver's legacy and the movement she built. Now, after more than fifty years of accomplishments and personal bests, of shattering barriers often assigned at birth, of inclusion, and another twenty months of, well, you know... Special Olympics Massachusetts is getting Back to better by delivering our mission in new and exciting ways to provide a path forward for people to Experience Inclusion.

Special Olympics Massachusetts just announced an ambitious goal of $24 Million Dollars to ensure we can grow to 24,000 participants by the end of 2024. Your participation in the 2022 Polar Plunge is critical to helping us reach that goal so we can:

  • Eliminate barriers across Special Olympics so new athletes, families, and volunteers can more easily Experience Inclusion.

  • Strengthen the continuum of service so that from young athletes to senior sports, Special Olympics is there every step of the way.

  • Call on community leaders to expand their impact on this movement.