Team Leaderboard 

Final Update: March 29th, 2021

We're all about friendly competition at the Polar Plunge, but that comes as no surprise if you've plunged with us in the past! The Team Leaderboard will put you in divisions based on your team type (K-12 School, College/University, Public Safety, Corporate, Local Program, Just for Fun, etc.), and let you see where your team stacks up against the competition. We're ranking based on Team Size -- the more people on your team, the higher you'll rank! We'll reward the Top Ranking Teams in each division at the end of March to close out the 2021 Plunge Season.

The Team Leaderboard will be updated weekly so if you want to defend your ranking, it's best to keep adding teammates! And since there's no such thing as "too much" competition, Fundraising Divisions have been added to this page and we will give out some awards in March for the top fundraising teams, too.

*Last updated 3/29/2021. Only showing top three teams per team type.*


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