Best Practices for Plunging Safely 

Since this year's plunge is not in person, we will not be able to provide safety personnel and plunging is at your own risk. Please take time to read through the waiver here which you sign off on during the registration process. If you are under 18 years old, please have a parent or guardian fill out this electronic waiver on your behalf.

Please view the important guidelines and best practices we'd like to highlight below:

  • We highly encourage participants not to plunge in a live body of water (ocean, lake, pool, etc.)
  • Diving or flipping into the pool/body of water is prohibited. 
  • Do not consume alcohol at the event BEFORE the plunge.
  • Follow all Covid-19 safety guidelines in accordance with state regulations at the time of your plunge including social distancing, wearing masks if need be, following hygiene protocols, and not participating if you are ill or feeling symptoms
  • If you choose to Plunge with a group of people, please make sure you are following all Covid-19 guidelines. If you take any photos and videos, we will not share them if you are not following the proper safety guidelines. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all. We want the 2021 Polar Plunge to be a safe experience for everyone involved! Email: [email protected]  |  Phone: 508-485-0986 x258