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Join us on April 1, 2021

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We want you to join the Summer Games Experience.

This summer is our 50th Summer Games and we want you to join us by rallying around the number 50! Summer Games is an incredible experience for athletes, families, volunteers, and more. This year, we encourage you to join in on this energy we get from our Special Olympics community and invite you to participate in the Summer Games Experience with us. Joining today is free and fundraising is optional.

How you do that is completely up to you.

JOURNEY TO 50: We're passing the mic to Special Olympics athletes to share their stories with you. What we're asking you to do is share their stories with your friends, family, colleagues, social networks, etc.

FUNDRAISE FOR 50: Fundraising is optional, but we'd be lying if we said we aren't hoping you'll opt-in. Your fundraising will help us get the athletes back to sports, back to teams and training, back to fierce competition, back to inclusion. 

DO YOUR 50: Special Olympics athletes break down barriers and prove what they're capable of every day. Set a goal that inspires you, your team, your community, and do what it takes to achieve it. Choose how you want to Do Your 50 and celebrate our 50th Summer Games!

SUMMER GAMES WEEK: Craving more? Learn about the additional experiences you can be a part of during Summer Games Week!

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